Southeastern Startup News Sources

With startups at the front of the mind in the current business culture there are no shortage of news sources for young companies.  From hackernews to techcrunch to re/code, silicon valley has its PR machine well tuned.  But not all startups are in the valley, so for them, a more local resource is often more useful. Here is a listing of startup news sources in the southeast that entrepreneurs and enthusiasts may find useful. I've included the headquarters, and social media presence of each along with the links to give an idea of audience and reach.

  1. Hypepotamus
    1. Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
    2. Twitter Followers: 9,609
    3. Facebook Likes: 2,664
  2. Southern Alpha
    1. Headquarters: Nashville, TN
    2. Twitter Followers: 9,072
    3. Facebook Likes: 1,696
  3. Nibletz
    1. Headquarters: Opelika, AL
    2. Twitter Followers: 22,800
    3. Facebook Likes: 1,821
  4. Silicon Bayou News
    1. Headquarters: New Orleans, LA
    2. Twitter Followers: 5,550
    3. Facebook Likes: 1,200
  5. BeyondMVP
    1. Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
    2. Twitter Followers: 272
    3. Facebook Likes: 1,417




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