Category Encoders now on conda forge

My scikit-learn compatible library of categorical data encoders (category_encoders) is now published on conda forge!  Conda, if you didn't know, is an open source package manager for python (and other things) developed primarily by continuum analytics.  Thanks to continuum developer for doing pretty much all of the work to get it working.

Check out the category_encoders feedstock here: and check out the other packages on conda forge here:

If you haven't already checked out conda or category_encoders, try out both, and let me know what you think.




Will has a background in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn, but mostly just writes software now. He was the first employee at Predikto, and is currently building out the premiere platform for predictive maintenance in heavy industry there as Chief Scientist. When not working on that, he is generally working on something related to python, data science or cycling.

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