Category Encoders published in JOSS

The Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) is a formal academic peer-reviewed journal (ISSN 2475-9066), intended to be "developer friendly".  What does that really mean? If you have a project on github, that has some novel value, and is well written, then in probably 30-40 minutes of working time, you can put together a submission.

The reviews all take place in github issues, and I got some helpful feedback there, made changes, and eventually got accepted. The process end to end took around a month, and was pretty painless.

It now means that anyone using category encoders in their own research or work has a nice means to cite it, including the specific release, and that release will be available for others to use in reproductions via Zenodo (or github).

So if you have this kind of package, by all means, give JOSS a look, and if you use category encoders in research, please cite us:


Will has a background in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn, but mostly just writes software now. He was the first employee at Predikto, and is currently building out the premiere platform for predictive maintenance in heavy industry there as Chief Scientist. When not working on that, he is generally working on something related to python, data science or cycling.

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