Atlanta Venture Capital Directory

As the startup community in Atlanta continues to grow, so has the investment community that surrounds it. Here is a regularly updated listing of investors in the Atlanta area (not just active here, actually here). The listing is broken into 3 categories:

  • Accelerators
  • Angels
  • VC

For the first pass, the VC section has the most detail, with the LinkedIn profiles of key individuals, formation date, fund size (if known) and exits.

If you are with a firm and would like to be added or just notice one I missed, just drop a comment below and I'll add it.  Otherwise I will continue to update this page with more information as I find it.

Venture Capital

Atlanta Ventures
Mosley Ventures
Fulcrum Equity Partners
  • Key Individuals: Jeffrey S. Muir, Thomas L. Greer, Frank X. Dalton, James S. Douglass, Alston Gardner
  • Formation Date: 2005
  • Fund Size: 140MM under management, 2 funds
  • Exits: Contact At Once!, MESA Medical Group, Compliance 360, Gemino Healthcare Finance, IPG Surgical, Regency Healthcare Group, SunCrest HealthCare,
Tech Operators
Noro-Moseley Ventures
  • Key Individuals: Mike Elliot, Allen Moseley, Alan Taetle, Spence McClelland
  • Formation Date: ~1985
  • Fund Size: 7 funds, 7th with 54MM
  • Exits: Acumen Holdings, Adjoined Technologies, Biomimetic Therapeutics, Bindley Western Industries, CipherTrust, Dealer Services Corporation, Employease, Firethorn, InComm, Lanx, OpenSite, Novoste, Senior Whole Health, Synchrologic, Valor Healthcare, Virtustream, Vocalocity, WItness Systems, Talus Solutions, USRadiosurgery, SecureWorks, Renal Carepartners, Motricity, nFront, IGN, Gateway One, Digital Furnace, Direct, Change Healthcare, Bloodhound Technologies, Apex Analytix, Appia
TTV Capital
  • Key Individuals: Gardiner W. Gerrard, W. Thomas Smith, Mark A. Johnson, Sean M. Banks
  • Formation Date: 2000
  • Fund Size: ~100MM
  • Exits: SilverSky, SilverPop, KnowledgeStorm, Ali Solutions, CRE Secure, Connecture, Green Dot, Magnet Communications, Interactive Advisory Software, MircroBilt, NeoVest, PayCycle,
Croft & Bender Capital
BLH Venture Partners
BIP Capital
Kinetic Ventures
  • Key Individuals: Jake Tarr, William Heflin, Nelson Chu, Sydney Shepherd
  • Formation Date: 1985
  • Fund Size: 9 funds, most recent 100MM.
  • Exits: SmartSynch, Clear Standard, Peace Software, Innova, Xenergy, Liberty Technologies, Cerent, NetCore, Corvis, Viena, Cyan, Calix, Axtek Netowrks, BroadWare, VerticalOne, FoodBuy
Forte Ventures
Gray Ghost Ventures
Peachtree Equity
  • Key Individuals: David Christopher, John McCarty, Wendell Reilly, Matt Sullivan
  • Formation Date: 2009
  • Fund Size: 2 funds, 170MM total
  • Exits: Grindmaster-Cecilware, Resolvion, Technical Innovation, Aurum Technology, Diversitech, Durham Geo-Enterprises, DynCorp, On-site Fuel Service, Paymap, Perkins Restaurant and Bakery, Pleasants Hardware, SRC, Selkirk Financial, Value Asset Management, Young Pecan
CTW Venture Partners
  • Key Individuals: Palaniswamy Rajan, K.P. Reddy
  • Formation Date: 2009
  • Fund Size: 25MM
  • Exits: Movaz Networks, Air2web, CoreHarbor, ReelLife, Byte Mobile, Cvent, Digital Envoy, FirstRain, Silverpop, Tech Health, Hydrophi, Loyalty Works, LY
EGL Ventures
Tech Square Ventures
  • Key Individuals: Blake Patton
  • Formation Date: 2014
  • Fund Size: 10MM
  • Exits: None
Valor Ventures
Leaders Fund
Lira VC
  • Key Individuals: Tony Rached
  • Formation Date 2016
  • Fund Size: 4.5MM
  • Exits: None
Accelerant Venture Capital
  • Key Individuals: Paul Iaffaldano
  • Formation Date: 2016
  • Fund Size: n/a
  • Exits: None